l’Histoire wet plates


Wet Plates for the l’Histoire exhibition.


Amy van Breughel / Young woman

Levi Hahn  /  Young man

Thea Mansvelders / Old woman

Dave Linders / Young man with camera

Joris Pennings / Student

Benny Van De Wijngaard  / pigeon fancier

Irene Janssen  / Mother

Floor de Vet  / Daughter

Janneke de Vet / Daughter

Jordi en Morris Overeem / Father with boy on bike

Michel Lintermans / Wagoner

Styling: Ans Verwegen / Puro Styling  & Jolanda van der Pas

Costumes: Thea Mansvelders

Assistent: Toon Smits:

Wet plate collodion photo on glass, 17,8 x 23,5 cm (2mm),
Lens: Leitz Epis 4,0/400
Exposure 2 seconds @ f 4,0


l’Histoire Mill


From May until June a few of my wet plates are on display as large prints as part of an art project (made together with l’Histoire). We created pictures wth models dressed in 1940’s clothing at the unused railway station in Mill, Netherlands. The prints are on the outside of a wooden wagon, on the inside of this wagon the original glass plates are on display. (Photo: Joyce Vloet )